Accelerating Success for MyCar.Repair through Targeted Online Strategies

MyCar.Repair stands as a beacon of automotive excellence in Bangkok and Phuket, importing high-quality products from Germany that meet OEM manufacturer standards. Renowned for their unparalleled customer service and experience, they engaged us to expand their online presence and translate their physical service quality into the digital realm. 

Reach, Engage, Convert

A comprehensive full-funnel digital marketing approach was crafted, employing key online platforms:

Reach: Utilizing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google, we initiated a series of engaging ads and content to create awareness about MyCar.Repair’s top-tier services and German quality products.

Engage: Through retargeting and content marketing, we maintained the interest of potential customers, emphasizing the unique offers and exceptional standards that MyCar.Repair stands for.

Convert: Tailored promotions, email marketing, and precisely targeted ads were used to convert interest into action, guiding customers to book services and avail of special offers.


Revenue Increased by 300%

The successful implementation of the digital marketing strategies led to MyCar.Repair expressing immense satisfaction with the results. The blend of brand awareness, engagement, and conversion led to a tangible increase in customer inquiries and service bookings.

The collaboration with MyCar.Repair demonstrates the power of integrated digital marketing to translate physical service excellence into the digital sphere. By understanding MyCar.Repair’s core values and unique selling propositions, we were able to craft a campaign that resonated with their target audience, achieving both client satisfaction and business growth. The relationship has been solidified with the client’s intent to further invest in our services, paving the way for continued success.

Accelerating Success for MyCar.Repair through Targeted Online Strategies

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