Destination Outpost Boosts Direct Ecommerce Revenue by 2,346%

Destination Outpost is a Coliving Hospitality Brand with locations in Bali (Canggu, Ubud) and Sri Lanka (Weligama). They approached our marketing agency with the goal of increasing direct ecommerce revenue and driving more potential buyers to their official website.

Reach, Engage, Convert

Targeted content marketing:

We distributed content that was relevant to our target audience and pushed it to people who were most similar to Destination Outpost’s clients. This helped create awareness and interest in the brand.

Continuous engagement:

We stayed on top of mind by creating and sharing regular content, engaging with our audience, and keeping them updated on the latest promotions and events.

Direct ecommerce strategy:

We worked to drive potential buyers to the official website by creating a direct ecommerce strategy. This included creating a seamless online booking experience, offering exclusive deals and promotions, and reducing the reliance on OTAs

Revenue Increased by 2,346%

The marketing strategies implemented for Destination Outpost included targeted content marketing, continuous engagement, and a direct ecommerce strategy.

The targeted content marketing aimed to reach the target audience by creating and sharing relevant content, leading to increased brand awareness and interest. Continuous engagement was maintained through regular content creation and audience engagement, keeping the brand top of mind.

The direct ecommerce strategy aimed to drive potential buyers to the official website by offering a seamless online booking experience and exclusive deals.

After a year of implementation, the results were significant with a 2346% increase in direct ecommerce revenue, a 228% increase in average order value, a 535% increase in unique purchases, an 855% increase in quantity sold (room nights), a 159% increase in ecommerce conversion rate, and a 643% increase in transactions.

Destination Outpost Boosts Direct Ecommerce Revenue by 2,346%

Brand Awareness measured by Monthly Brand Searches for Outpost Bali (Canggu, Ubud, Ubud Penestan)

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