Discover the Power of Targeted Marketing: Skyview Hotel Bangkok's Story

Skyview Hotel Bangkok, a place where luxury and comfort meet in the heart of the city. This hotel, located in the vibrant Phrom Phong area, had faced a challenge in attracting guests and driving bookings. That’s where our agency stepped in, utilizing digital marketing strategies to help boost the hotel’s presence and attract new visitors. Thanks to our efforts, the Skyview Hotel Bangkok is now a sought-after destination for travelers looking for a comfortable and convenient stay. 

Reach, Engage, Convert

The strategy was to distribute content that would appeal to the hotel’s target audience and disseminate it to individuals who closely resemble the hotel’s clients. To achieve this, the content was tailored to resonate with the target audience and was strategically pushed to the right people. To maintain top-of-mind awareness, constant engagement was maintained with the audience through the use of different forms of content, which helped to reinforce the brand. To generate sales, potential buyers were directed to the hotel’s official website, rather than using online travel agents that often charge commissions. This approach not only helps to avoid additional costs, but it also allows the hotel to have a direct connection with its customers, leading to a more personal and positive experience.

Brand Searches from 1,930 to 18,100

Our agency’s expert execution of targeted content marketing elevated the Skyview Hotel Bangkok to new heights, skyrocketing direct revenue and elevating brand recognition. Despite the adversity posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the cut-throat competition on online travel agents, our strategy proved triumphant. We wholeheartedly recommend that other hotels seeking to reach their full potential seek out our proven marketing solutions. The results speak for themselves: in a mere 12 months, the hotel experienced a 100% increase in direct revenue, surpassing pre-COVID levels. Brand searches skyrocketed, surging from 1,930 to an impressive 18,100.

Discover the Power of Targeted Marketing: Skyview Hotel Bangkok’s Story

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