Revitalizing Luxury: A 300% Revenue Surge for Chatrium Hotel Riverside through Full-Funnel Digital Marketing

After achieving great success with their Flagship hotel, Chatrium Grand Bangkok, we were re-engaged by our valued client to uplift the Chatrium Hotel Riverside‘s online presence. Our mission was to establish and deploy a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that would not only increase brand visibility but also stimulate direct revenue growth.

Reach, Engage, Convert

Utilizing a full-funnel digital marketing strategy, we embarked on a three-step approach:

Reach: Through targeted advertising and content marketing, we reached a broad audience to build awareness of Chatrium Hotel Riverside. This phase included leveraging social media channels, video advertising, and influencer partnerships to highlight the hotel’s luxury appeal.

Engage: A blend of retargeting ads, search engine marketing, and content optimization was used to maintain the interest of those who had engaged with the initial awareness campaigns. We strategically placed content that detailed the unique features of the hotel, attracting potential customers.

Convert: Utilizing a combination of special offers, email marketing, and precision-targeted advertising, we nurtured the leads down the conversion funnel. This phase focused on incentivizing and facilitating direct bookings.

Direct Revenue Increased by 300%

Direct Revenue Boost: Within just one month of implementing the strategy, Chatrium Hotel Riverside experienced a staggering 300% increase in direct revenue. This significant surge was linked directly to the tailored campaigns and offers designed to appeal to the target audience.

Brand Searches Increased: The campaign not only led to direct conversions but also stimulated interest in the brand, with a 50% increase in brand-specific searches. This reinforced the hotel’s standing as a preferred choice among luxury seekers in Bangkok.

In summation, the campaign executed for Chatrium Hotel Riverside serves as a benchmark in luxury hotel marketing. Through targeted and nuanced strategies, we were able to achieve remarkable results, paving the way for continued collaboration and success with our esteemed client.

Revitalizing Luxury: A 300% Revenue Surge for Chatrium Hotel Riverside through Full-Funnel Digital Marketing

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