The Impact of Strategic Marketing: Blue Elephant's Results

Blue Elephant is a thriving company that offers a unique combination of three distinct business units: a restaurant, a cooking school, and a product line. With locations in Bangkok and Phuket, the company is poised to capture the hearts and palates of people from all walks of life. Whether it’s enjoying a delicious meal at the restaurant, learning new cooking techniques at the school, or taking home a piece of Blue Elephant’s culinary expertise through its product line, there is something for everyone. However, despite its promise, Blue Elephant needed a boost in awareness and sales to reach its full potential. That’s why they turned to our marketing agency for help.


Reach, Engage, Convert

To increase awareness and drive sales for Blue Elephant, a company with three distinct business units – a restaurant, a cooking school, and a product line – we created a comprehensive marketing strategy. Our approach was centered on pushing content to people who closely aligned with Blue Elephant’s target clients, and continuously engaging with this audience to keep the brand top-of-mind and reinforce its presence. Furthermore, we implemented tactics to drive traffic to the company’s official website, where potential customers could make restaurant reservations, book cooking classes, and purchase products through an online shop. Through this targeted approach, we aimed to create a measurable impact and achieve the company’s growth objectives.

Monthly Brand Searches Increased by 416%

The results of our marketing strategies were substantial and demonstrated a significant increase in awareness and sales for Blue Elephant. The monthly brand searches increased from 4,140 to 37,890 a total website visitors increase of 62%, Bangkok cooking school reservations increased by 695%, Phuket cooking school reservations increased by 222%, restaurant initiate bookings increased by 1,197%, and restaurant bookings increased by 2,396%. These numbers clearly show the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and the value they brought to Blue Elephant’s business.

The Impact of Strategic Marketing: Blue Elephant’s Results

Brand Awareness measured by Monthly Brand Searches

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